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This package contains the complete Balboa family (9 fonts total) for Desktop use.

Balboa is a display gothic typeface steeped in rich typographic history. Elements of early sans serif and grotesque types were skillfully combined with contemporary typefaces by legendary designer Jim Parkinson to create a unique and familiar face. The style evolved from atf Headline Gothic, Banner — a headline face Parkinson drew for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Newsweek No. 9, a Stevenson-Blake inspired grotesque he drew for Roger Black’s 1980s redesign of Newsweek Magazine.

Visual evidence of Balboa’s blended styles is found in the juxtaposition of the wedge shape from a sign painter’s brush featured in the terminals of curvilinear strokes with the ink traps employed at angled joins. The narrow proportions and ranging midline of the uppercase letters favor display work but the wider styles dutifully perform well in shorter passages of text.

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Balboa Family | Desktop

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