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Cabazon | Desktop

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This package includes Cabazon in OpenType format (1 font file) for Desktop use.

Cabazon is an informal blackletter type Jim Parkinson designed and first published in 2005. In creating Cabazon, Parkinson researched legacy blackletter types and handlettered samples, and early manuscript samples. In particular, Parkinson found works by mid-20th century artists Rudolf Koch, Ross George and Samuel Welo to be inspirational in pursuing his vision for Cabazon.

Many of the forms in Cabazon are simplified compared to other blackletter styles. Cabazon retains the warmth of handlettered forms and evokes a more casual feel with a bit of swagger but it certainly doesn't take itself too seriously. Parkinson’s own experience creating numerous blackletter nameplates for newspapers spanning several decades of his career informed his effort in producing this delightful type.

This update (v3.0) for Cabazon expands the glyph repertoire to over 1,000 glyphs supporting 224+ languages, including Vietnamese, African, and Oceanian languages. Among all those new glyphs, are a selection of stylistic alternates, liga- tures, arrows, symbols, and more. Opentype features are built in to make accessing all those glyphs quick and convenient.

Use Cabazon for logos, food and beverage packaging, movie posters, and more for a charming and cool old world feel.

More about Cabazon at Delve Fonts

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Cabazon | Desktop

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