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This package contains Fleisch Wolf in .woff2 and .woff formats for use on a website (2 font files total).

Fleisch Wolf is a blackletter type inspired by lettering that the designer, Joachim Müller-Lancé recalls from his childhood but Fleisch is not based on any particular era, region, or style of blackletter, instead it borrows freely from various sources.

Joachim focused on the modularity of brokenscript as his basic idea for Fleisch. The letters aren’t just made up from lines of varying thickness. For example, the inside or ‘counter’ spaces are rectangular (not hexagonal) producing a different interaction with the outside shapes and the spaces between letters, most visible in the letter “o”.

In addition to lining and oldstyle figures, Fleisch Wurst offers native blackletter shapes as alternates, a full set of decorative uppercase letters, currencies, punctuation, and a handful of regalia (symbols).

The suggested use of Fleisch is as a fresh alternative to the more traditional blackletter styles for greeting cards, food packaging, beer labels, and more.

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Fleisch Wolf | Webfonts

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