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The classic roman spirit and bracketed, cupped serifs together with the narrow width and elevated x-height of Summa give it a lofty, elegant appearance and an economic use of space.

Summa Inline is a fascinating stylistic variation that takes the design of Summa to another place entirely. It is nothing short of a complete re-imagining of the structure of the forms found in the regular. The inline seems to twist in places, dropping out where strokes cross over each other and create an almost three dimensional, ribbon-like appearance at times. In addition, the inline variant of Summa includes a set of swash capital letters that allow designers to easily give their setting that extra little dash of calligraphic flare and exuberance.

The Summa Inline package contains 1 font.

Summa’s height and compact measure make it an ideal choice for use in headlines, book titles, on posters, for drop-caps, and other instances where large display sizes are needed in tight spaces but heavy weights are not desired.

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