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The Uppercut Angle Webfonts package contains 1 style in 2 webfont formats (2 fonts total).

The design idea for Joachim Müller-Lancé’s Uppercut Angle sprang from pencil sketches developed for a new identity for the Krav Maga training cen­ter of San Francisco.

Uppercut’s shapes are not cal­li­graphic or handwritten, more like lettering seen in comics or sports logos. Its brush movements are imag­inary, not too literally brushy. During development, details were sim­pli­fied and reduced until a bit of a cut-paper feel emerged, but more fluid like writing. The shapes are eco­nomi­cal and efficient; simplicity makes the font ver­sa­tile, holding up in small as well as big sizes.

Uppercut Angle is powerful, fast, confident, and dynamic. In the proportions, there is emphasis on a strong upper edge “keep­ing its guard up”, while several stems protrude down­ward, making it “light on its feet”.

Version 1.3 is a significant expansion of the glyph repertoire that increases language support to over 270 languages, including Vietnamese, Oceanian, and more.

Use Uppercut Angle to pick up the pace, add snap, verve, and drive, on movie posters for action and adventure, product logos, food packaging, or an invitation to your barbecue.

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Uppercut Angle | Web Fonts

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