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This package contains 4 fonts in Webfont formats (.woff2, .woff, .ttf, .eot).

Tome Sans was created to address the need for a sans serif design that combined the forms and features that type designer Delve Withrington found appealing and proved to perform best across many environments. Setting aside the larger discussion of aesthetic neutrality in a typeface, Tome Sans does not bring attention to itself. It is not a typeface that subscribes to trends; rather, it is a more timeless design.

Tome Sans has a range of 10 weights from ExtraThin to Black with companion italics and boasts a Latin Plus glyph repertoire of over 860 glyphs. Among those glyphs are several sets of numerals (including Tabular and Oldstyle figures), arrows, and a trove of letters spanning several complete Unicode® ranges supporting over 220 languages. In addition, a host of thoughtful but unobtrusive OpenType features are built in and ready to assist with setting your composition. Give Tome Sans a spin; you’ll agree this family is a valuable typographic toolset for any designer.

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    .woff2, .woff, .ttf, .eot
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  • Package Details
  • Size1.34 MB
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  • Font Formats.woff2, .woff, .ttf, .eot
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Tome Sans Light Italic | Web Fonts

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